Welcome to York

YorkU's Vari HallYork University's Immigration & Relocation Officer provides assistance to prospective and newly appointed:

1) professors, deans, postdocs, Visiting Professors (True Visitors) and professional librarians covered by YUFA and OHFA collective agreements, and

2) senior managerial (CPM) staff, with many aspects of their relocation to Toronto and the surrounding area.

Moving to a new country or a new city is an experience that requires planning, information and support. Since each move is unique, our Immigration & Relocation Officer can meet with you to discuss your individual needs and guide you to the resources required to make your move a smooth one! Consultations are free and confidential. So, whether you are a new employee or a shortlisted candidate within the final stages of the hiring process, this service is here for you.

The Immigration & Relocation Officer is available at relocate@yorku.ca to answer your relocation questions as they arise, before, during and after your move, as you settle into your new home.