COVID-19 Mandatory Hotel Stop-Over for Air Travellers


As of February 22, 2021, all air travellers will be required to meet the following requirements:

  • A negative COVID-19 test was taken within 72 hours of boarding their flight
  • Reserve a government-authorized hotel for 3 nights (reservation must be confirmed before departure, with proof provided through the ArriveCAN app)
  • Take a COVID-19 test upon arrival
  • Stay in the government-authorized hotel while awaiting COVID-19 test results
  • Pay for the cost of their hotel and associated costs (food, security, transportation, infection prevention and control measures)

After the 3-nights hotel stay, travellers will be required to complete the mandatory 14-day quarantine. Travellers will also be provided with an at-home testing kit, to take another COVID-19 molecular test after the 14-day quarantine.

If your flight to Canada is within the next 48 hours, call to reserve and pay for your mandatory hotel stay.

  • 1-800-294-8253 (toll-free within North America, 8 am to 11 pm ET, 7-days a week)
  • 1-613-830-2992 (collect outside of North America, 8 am to 11 pm ET, 7-days a week)

Travellers will receive an email confirmation within 4 hours of booking their reservation.

For a list of government-authorized hotels, please click the following link.

For more information, please visit the following link.