Mandatory Vaccine to Board

All travellers 12 years of age plus 4 months, or older, will need to be fully vaccinated in order to board a domestic or international flight departing from most airports in Canada. For a complete list of accepted vaccines, please refer to the following link There is a short transition period from October 30 […]

Accepted Vaccines

Starting November 30, 2022, the Government of Canada will accept the following vaccines for travel: Bharat Biotech (Covaxin, BBV152 A, B, C) Sinopharm (Beijing) BBIBP-CorV (Vero Cells) Sinovac (CoronaVac, PiCoVacc) The above list of vaccines will be added to the existing accepted vaccines, which includes the following: Pfizer-BioNTech Moderna AstraZeneca Janssen/Johnson & Johnson To qualify […]

New Quarantine Exemption Requirements

The Federal Government of Canada announced on June 21, 2021, starting July 6th, 2021, fully vaccinated travelers who are permitted to enter Canada will not be subject to the federal requirement to quarantine or take a COVID-19 test on day-8. In addition, fully vaccinated travelers arriving by air will not be required to stay at […]

Updated COVID-19 Air Travel Restrictions

The government of Canada has extended the temporary travel measures restricting entry into Canada for all flights from Indian and Pakistan until June 21, 2021. All travelers who are coming into Canada via indirect route must obtain a COVID-19 pre-departure test from a third country prior to entry. These measures are in addition to the […]

COVID-19 Travel Checklist

The Government of Canada has released travel checklists for those entering Canada at land and air borders to guarantee all public health measures are easily understood and followed. Please review and utilize these resources when entering Canada to ensure you are in compliance with all mandatory travel requirements.   To review the travel checklist for […]

COVID-19 Mandatory Hotel Stop-Over for Air Travellers

  As of February 22, 2021, all air travellers will be required to meet the following requirements: A negative COVID-19 test was taken within 72 hours of boarding their flight Reserve a government-authorized hotel for 3 nights (reservation must be confirmed before departure, with proof provided through the ArriveCAN app) Take a COVID-19 test upon […]

Travel Restrictions Updated

  Effective February 22, 2021, all air travellers entering Canada will need to reserve a hotel room online through one of the government’s designated hotels in Toronto (the room booking tool will be available starting February 18, 2021) for a mandatory 3-day quarantine. Travellers will be required to demonstrate proof of their hotel room booking […]

Updated COVID-19 Travel Restrictions at Canadian Land Borders

In an effort to protect the health and safety of Canadians and those travelling to Canada, The Government of Canada announced they are implementing new travel restrictions for all travellers entering into Canada at land borders. As of February 15th, 2021, all travellers entering Canada through a land border crossing will need to show evidence […]